The Baie de Somme

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The Baie de Somme
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Ranked among the most beautiful bays in the world alongside the San Francisco or Halong bays, the Baie de Somme is an exceptional natural site.
Far from the hectic pace of your daily life, you will appreciate the landscapes, the lights, the nature activities that emerge. You will take a big bowl of invigorating air in the middle of this preserved nature.
The seaside resorts of Crotoy and Quend-Plage-Les-Pins will seduce you and intoxicate you with their holiday scent, you will be seduced by the great outdoors and the beauty of the sandy beaches.
The Baie de Somme is home to the largest French colony of seals: they rest out of the water at low tide on resting places (sandbanks emerged at low tide) to regenerate their energy, to give birth and nurse the young, to moult ...
In the heart of the Somme Bay nature reserve, discover the Marquenterre park: a major birdwatching site in Europe, it serves as a refuge for thousands of migratory birds. In any season, you will observe without disturbing more than 300 species, that is to say thousands of birds (waders, shorebirds waterbirds, passerines and raptors). 
The Baie de Somme is a natural environment of infinite richness which gives life to an exceptional fauna and flora: salted meadow lambs, shellfish (Bouchot mussels and shells), small gray shrimps, fish and herbs from the bay.
Discover the Henson, this sweet, rustic little horse with a golden dress. Around 1,200 subjects are listed in France, including 200 on the Marquenterre site, in the Baie de Somme, which is the cradle of the breed. A new equine breed created 30 years ago and officially recognized in 2003, Henson horses have become the emblem of a dream horse riding, that of riding in the wild. We thus take full advantage of the landscapes of the Marquenterre, a 1000 hectare polder made up of pastures and wooded dunes, but also back-marshes.
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