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The Crécy Forest

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The Crécy Forest
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The state forest of Crécy is the main forest in the department. In Roman times, it was part of a much larger forest complex. It was during this period that it began to be cleared up, then the Benedictines continued this clearing in the 7th century.
In Colbert's time, the forest underwent significant reformation in 1665.
It is a game forest, populated by wolves until 1869 and deer until the Revolution. Currently, it is the home of many animals, such as deer, wild boar, fox but also the muscardin, the black woodpecker and the kite skylight.
It has neither a source nor a stream, but a few ponds dug with human hands.

Some curiosities can attract the visitor, such as the vestiges of the past like the "Haute-Loge", hunting station very frequented by the kings of France, including Louis XI and François Ier.
Numerous mounds bear witness to the civilization of funeral urn fields (late Bronze Age). The "Long Borne", so old that a mystery still complete surrounds it. What ceremonies, what rites of a distant past did she witness?

Made up mainly of beech and oak, this vast area of ​​4,322 ha is the ideal setting for hiking. It is crossed by the GR 123.
On foot, by bike or on horseback, set off to discover remarkable trees, majestic plant monuments, including Richard beech and Ramolleux oak!

You can extend this pleasant walk, admiring the trees carved during the Festival of monumental tree sculptures, Forest’art, in 2016 and 2017.
These trees tell you stories: the tales and legends of Picardy, like the giant of Corbie or the tales and legends of the forest, like the spirit of the forest.

To extend this green escape, why not organize a family picnic there? Picnic tables are available.

The Crécy forest is the green lung of the destination "Terres et Merveilles", where it is good to relax.
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