Les Hortillonnages

Cultivated since the Middle Ages by hortillas, these gardens "on the water", which are accessed exclusively by boat, are enclosed by the arms of the Somme and the Avre and extend over 300 ha, in the municipalities of Rivery, Camon, Longueau and Amiens. The plots of land are interspersed with canals, "rieux", navigable in flat boats called "cornets". These are characterized by their inclined front in order to facilitate docking without damaging the banks. They used to transport vegetables. During the visits, organized in the afternoons from April to October, discovery of the flora and fauna according to the season.
Contact :
La Maison des Hortillonnages
Embarcadère au 54 boulevard Beauvillé - 80000 - Amiens
Phone : +33 (0)3 22 92 12 18
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