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Asinerie du Marquenterre

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Asinerie du Marquenterre
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In a leafy setting near the sea come and see this wonderful collection of donkeys. You can pet the farm animals and tour the hatching room! Expo péda, nature walk or longer trek with a donkey in area suitable for relaxing, discovery and observation. Guided or unaccompanied tours.
Very close to the sea, in a green setting, discover one of the finest donkey collections! Get closer to farm animals and visit the birth room! Discover the uses of donkeys in a relaxing area for discovery and observation. Guided or non-guided visits, events, picnic area, room, sanitary facilities, educational exhibition. Reserve for donkey hiking.


Asinerie du Marquenterre
Lieu dit Ferme la Bonne Dame
80120 QUEND
Tel. : 06 21 26 02 94
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