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A break between nature and heritage
The place to be for lovers of unspoiled landscapes and lovers of old photos. This village is located on the waterfront in the heart of the Somme Valley and offers a multitude of landscapes as well as a journey through time and unique local history. Quickly discover our brochure on this village full of history
Long's lock house
The lock keeper house was originally the lock keeper's home. Located along the Somme Canal, it is a place intended for the general public, and offers guided tours, nature outings.

The 18th century castle
The charming stone and pink brick castle, an 18th century madness, was the work of the best architects of the time, notably Boffrano, who built the Hôtel Soubise in Paris. The Mansart roof gives it all its charm. The 20 hectare park descends from terraced landings to the river. The magnificent listed greenhouses almost have stones in the water.

The hydroelectric plant
This specimen of the industrial heritage of the beginning of the XXth century allowed Long to be one of the first villages in France to benefit from the electric current, one of the rare examples in France of small energy production units built in 1914. Visit of 01 / 04 to 31/10

Saint Jean-Baptiste church and its Cavaillé-Coll organ
The first church was built in the 12th century, but became too small and therefore enlarged in 1851. It is a neo-Gothic style, with its different capitals, the work of the Duthoit brothers of Amiens. Free visits in July / August, Tuesdays and Saturdays, 4 to 6 p.m. or on request

Boutique (local products, souvenirs, etc.)
Electric boat rental
Home boat
Ticket office (stroll, discovery, excursion, cruise and visit of the castle)

Long Tourist Information Office
1 rue de l'Éluse 80510 Long
Phone. : + 33 (0)
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