Inter-communal Tourist office


The commitments of the Tourist Office

The commitments of the Tourist Office
Towards our visitors, we are committed to:
  • Respond within 24 hours via messenger, mails.
  • Promote local know-how by guaranteeing eco-responsible practices
  • Offer enlightened advice, verified and up-to-date information
  • Welcome visitors like friends
  • Sharing our love of the land and our local treasures
  • Comply with accessibility and reception criteria to guarantee tourism for all
  • Welcoming our four-legged friends with open arms

Towards our partners, we are committed to:
  • Create a meeting, a recurring event every year
  • Share the items they post on the networks
  • Post photos and reports on their activities on social networks
  • Support them and keep them informed of changes in tourism legislation
  • Support them in the implementation of good eco-sustainable practices
  • Help them develop an annual action plan to promote the destination

Towards our inhabitants, we are committed to:
  • Collect their opinions and expectations, involve them in tourist life
  • Invite new residents to let them know where they live, give them a "Welcome Pack"
  • Allow them to access information and news on local public projects for the enhancement of the territory
  • Help them in the implementation of good eco-sustainable practices
  • Support and train residents who wish to become “Greeters”

Towards our elected officials, we are committed to:
  • Keep them regularly informed of our actions and projects
  • Support the municipalities that are working to embellish and improve reception in their municipality
  • Relay, promote, support the municipalities that are members of the EPCI in the implementation of their eco-responsible policy
  • Be a force of proposal to develop local tourism consumption
  • Generate more self-financing to achieve budget targets

Towards our team, we are committed to:
  • Offer him security and well-being, help him to be on top
  • Sustain the quality management system
  • Guarantee the professionalization of agents
  • Listen to him, take his opinion into account
  • Allow collaborative missions