Labels and commitments of the Tourist Office

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Labels and commitments of the Tourist Office
Towards our visitors, we are committed to:
  • Respond within 24 hours via messenger, mails.
  • Promote local know-how by guaranteeing eco-responsible practices
  • Offer enlightened advice, verified and up-to-date information
  • Welcome visitors like friends
  • Sharing our love of the land and our local treasures
  • Comply with accessibility and reception criteria to guarantee tourism for all
  • Welcoming our four-legged friends with open arms

Towards our partners, we are committed to:
  • Create a meeting, a recurring event every year
  • Share the items they post on the networks
  • Post photos and reports on their activities on social networks
  • Support them and keep them informed of changes in tourism legislation
  • Support them in the implementation of good eco-sustainable practices
  • Help them develop an annual action plan to promote the destination

Towards our inhabitants, we are committed to:
  • Collect their opinions and expectations, involve them in tourist life
  • Invite new residents to let them know where they live, give them a "Welcome Pack"
  • Allow them to access information and news on local public projects for the enhancement of the territory
  • Help them in the implementation of good eco-sustainable practices
  • Support and train residents who wish to become “Greeters”

Towards our elected officials, we are committed to:
  • Keep them regularly informed of our actions and projects
  • Support the municipalities that are working to embellish and improve reception in their municipality
  • Relay, promote, support the municipalities that are members of the EPCI in the implementation of their eco-responsible policy
  • Be a force of proposal to develop local tourism consumption
  • Generate more self-financing to achieve budget targets

Towards our team, we are committed to:
  • Offer him security and well-being, help him to be on top
  • Sustain the quality management system
  • Guarantee the professionalization of agents
  • Listen to him, take his opinion into account
  • Allow collaborative missions

TOUTOURISME - Never without my dog!

During the holiday period, many people hesitate to travel with their pets. Faced with this fact, the Terres & Merveilles Tourist Office has decided to deploy the Toutourisme concept in its sector.

In our Tourist Information Offices, we are committed to providing a special welcome for your four-legged friend and to providing you with all the information you need to enjoy a carefree stay in our destination, including accommodation suggestions, activities, practical advice and tips.

Your pet will be able to refresh at the Toutou Bar, and you will receive a welcome pack which includes a Destination Toutourism guide, cleanliness bags, treats for your dog (not for you!) and a copy of 30 Million Friends magazine. If you share our philosophy and never travel without your pet, we would love to have you with us!


Tourism and disability

Do you have a disability and want to discover our area? Here is a selection of accessible tourist activities, accommodation and restaurants. Don't hesitate to contact us for personal advice!

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