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L'Escargotière du Marquenterre

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L'Escargotière du Marquenterre
© L'Escargotière du Marquenterre
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A truly unusual visit during which you can find out about the French national dish (snails), their anatomy, predators, life in snail beds .... and youngsters can watch the puppet show featuring Phil the Snail! Don't miss the shop selling snail saucisson and tapenade (yes, not joking).
You are cordially invited into the world of Le Marquenterre snails: "Starting in mid-May, many of us will enjoy the benefits of nature. Dominique will share her passion with a guided tour of the snail farms, information boards and a video". Specialities: handmade 'Cagouillotine' (snail cream), and jars of snails au naturel. Shop open every day. Visits every afternoon during weekends May to October (phone in advance for groups). Access: direction "Parc du Marquenterre" 30km from Abbeville.


L'Escargotière du Marquenterre
1 chemin des Garennes
Le Bout des Crocs
Tel. : +33 3 22 25 02 58
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