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Brasserie de la Somme

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Brasserie de la Somme
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Marie-Laure and François have revived this old family brewery which closed its doors in 1880. Sample (but with moderation) some of the traditional ales invented by François, notably La Germinette, a characterful pale ale (a best seller). Tours on 1st Saturday of the month, 5pm.
Beer in the “Brasserie de la Somme” (brewery) has a long history. When doing some research in the Somme Department Archives, François was pleasantly surprised to learn that he was a direct descendent of Brewers, between at least 1730 and 1880, when the business was put on the back burner until... 2010!! Come and listen to this fascinating story during one of the monthly visits.


Brasserie de la Somme
7 route de Berneuil - 80620 DOMART-EN-PONTHIEU
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