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Ingrid's testimony

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Ingrid's testimony
Ingrid Rensonnet testifies to the well-being of our Terres et Merveilles destination.
Far from the tumults of life which cut us off from ourselves, there is a Land of inspiration, a Land of invitation to breathe, a Land of exception.

Let yourself be lulled by the rhythm of the tides, breathe the iodized or humus-laden air of thousands of hectares of forest in our vast territory, be inspired by the aura and the magic of natural, cultural and historical places, feel the atmosphere…
Eyes closed, return to bodily sensations, feel the lungs fill up with air, the nuances of heat, the softness of this natural rhythm. Feel the relaxation settling in while rocking, like the waves unraveling on the sand or the trees which, firmly anchored, let themselves be carried by the winds and the seasons.

To feel that you exist, in its right place, at its right pace. Treat yourself to this much-coveted parenthesis and come together, in conscience. Transmute our wounds and our sufferings… to (re) find confidence in life.

And savor the calm, the balance, the feeling of harmony, this sweet alchemy of the living in symbiosis with nature and the elements.

A journey to the heart of oneself, an invitation to well-being
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