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Claire's testimony

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Claire's testimony
Testimonial from Claire Decraene, journalist for Visite Opale Flandre after having tested the Nature and Well-being outings (following the Sophrology session on the Beach).
“We arrive with our land, with the life that runs, children, work (and yet I am lucky: I have a wonderful job that allows me to experience what people experience on a weekend or when they can ... then of course with professional constraints: I'm not here to act as a tourist, but to write. We work. There are whole days when we write, where we tell).

And start with a real session of well-being and sophrology and well, that's it: we put our everyday bags and we open our eyes to something else; to the landscapes that surround us first with Ingrid who takes us to a place we don't know. And where me, finally, this place I crossed it at full speed in “Fat Rick” (recumbent bike), there I take the time to sit down with Ingrid, we look where we are, if it's windy , how are the elements, how is the light ... There is first this discovery with the environment and then, it is a real discovery of oneself.

And it’s an effort, because I’m not necessarily used to it, even though I’ve done some yoga. It’s an effort to tell yourself that you are going to spend 45 minutes with you! Even if you're not alone, that's also good, is to be accompanied.

And at one point Ingrid says “let any thoughts come, whatever they may be, without judgment” and it's true that we are always caught up by what nibbles us, by what we have to do ... but to hear Ingrid say to me “let it flow, let it come”, that allows us to accept it and, at one point, Ingrid said to us “you are going to open your eyes again with a new look” and it is extremely true because we focuses on the colors, the sensations… and I, when I opened my eyes, I turned my head to the right and there was a bruise that we hadn't seen at all before the session.

We open our eyes and we have a different perception of the environment in which we find ourselves.

It's incredible ! And this realization that yes, I am leaving with new ground, to be a tourist in a different way: to open my eyes to something else, in the simplicity and in listening to me. What do I really want to experience, what do I really want to hear, who I want to meet and not “I have to come back with my checklist: I have ate that because you have to eat it, I did a certain activity or site because it has to be done ”. It's a real liberation also in its tourist experience! " 
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