The program of the Wonderful Escapes 2024

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The program of the Wonderful Escapes 2024
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Terres & Merveilles Baie de Somme Ponthieu Marquenterre is a pleasant place to live, with a warm and authentic welcome for our guests. The natural landscapes are preserved and recognised, inviting you to relax, breathe, recharge your batteries and take your time. This destination is ideal for focusing on the essentials and enjoying the present moment to the full. These commitments are perfectly aligned with the nature and wellness offers of our tourist office.


Carefully selected wellness professionals, such as sophrologists, nature guides, a music therapist, an art therapist and a herbalist, supervise the outings and workshops offered throughout our destination in collaboration with tourist actors such as the Espaces Equestres Henson, the Parc du Marquenterre and the Jardins de Valloires. Their objective is to help our visitors discover the natural and heritage wonders of our region while guiding them towards well-being through a variety of workshops.

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