Etangs de Long

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Etangs de Long
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“Le Marais des Communes” is situated in the heart of the peaty Middle Valley of the Somme in the municipality of Long. The site is part of a complex of man-made lakes surrounded by peat (Long, Longpré-les-Corps-Saints, Hallencourt, etc.) and is of major heritage value on a European level. Indeed, it features over 12 natural habitats included in the European Habitats Directive (wet grassland, aquatic plants, peat grassland, quaking bogs…) home to a vast range of flora (Yellow Sedge, Slender Sedge, Marsh Pea, etc.) and a fauna (water birds, dragonflies, Large Marsh Grasshopper) heritage typical of alkaline peat bogs and the man-made lakes in Picardy.


Etangs de Long
Grande Rue
80510 LONG
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